Advanced Jam Camp

One Step Beyond

Several of our repeat customers and many who have attended other jam camps have asked if the Jam Camp instructors could include instruction for more advanced players. Because of the popularity and growth of the Jam Camp and the request we have added an additional instructor to the faculty and we will have a separate instructor(s) and instruction for those who wish to take the advanced track.

Those who attend the Advanced Jam Camp will be exposed to playing in different keys, chord substitutions, improvising, advanced rhythm techniques as well as different styles of Bluegrass music. The instructor(s) will explore the roots of Bluegrass and different types of music such as Celtic, Old Time, Blues, Gospel and maybe just maybe a little Jazz. Your repertoire will be expanded. All students will be encouraged and allowed to move from one group to another. The price is the same and we just ask that you indicate the Advanced section on you application so that we might better marshal our resources.

Strawberry Jam Camp

Wednesday - Friday - July 25-27, 2018