Strawberry Jam Camp

Wednesday - Friday - July 27-29, 2018

Their goals and objectives are as varied as individuals themselves. They look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones. They hope to become more proficient on their instrument of choice and they look forward to the camaraderie that takes place when you are with a group of people who share your same love and passion.​Many people who have become quite proficient with their instrument, find it difficult to play with other people with different instruments in a group setting. They practice all winter learning new songs and look forward to joining in on the fun around the campfire, only to get to the festival and find out that either no one knows their new song or they only know it in a different key. Sometimes you are lucky enough that they all know your song but you don't know what to do when they are playing their song. This is where attending a Jam Camp can help.​

At a Jam Camp you can expect some, one on one, time with an instructor and your instrument of choice. We are fortunate, at the Strawberry Jam Camp, to have some of the most knowledgeable instructors in the business. Besides being knowledgeable they are great human beings who genuinely enjoy helping others get the most out of their instrument and learn to enjoy music with others. There will be group lessons on all of the various instruments and of course lots of time jamming with others.​You will learn how to hear chords and chord changes and you will learn tips on playing in time, after all rhythm is KING. You will learn how to play along on songs that you don't know and learn the role of your instrument in a song. You will learn the dynamics of playing loud and soft, fast and slow and you will learn how to support a song with your playing, instead of interfering with it. The instructors will stress and you will learn "jamming etiquette".​

The Strawberry Jam Camp is held at the Emmanuel Lutheran Church. This will be our third year at this location and proven to be a great location. Each day will begin with a continental breakfast including breakfast pizza's from Casey's and breakfast sandwiches from Subway, followed by the morning session. At noon we will rotate eating at the Franklin Hotel, Back Home Country Cookin' and pizza at the Country Rose Cafe. The afternoon session will conclude around 4:00 o'clock p.m. Each evening the students will be encouraged to take what they learned in the classroom to the laboratory. The laboratory will be at the Backbone Bluegrass grounds. Each night there will be real live jam sessions and honest to goodness campfires.  

At the beginning of the Jam Camp each student will be assigned to a group or a band. Each group will decide on a name for their band and with the help of the instructors, they will learn one or two songs. On Friday evening, each band will perform on stage at the Backbone Bluegrass Festival. Don't be intimidated, this is meant to be fun and a chance to show everyone what you learned. So start practicing and building up those calluses. Get ready to have some fun, make friends and jam like you have never jammed before!

About Strawberry Jam Camp


Wednesday - Friday - July 27-29, 2018

If you have never heard of or attended a Jam Camp you might be asking, just what is a Jam Camp? Jam Camps are a spin off of the individual instrument camps that have become so popular. Each year thousands of musicians, of varying degrees of proficiency, pack up their instruments and head off to camp.